ECOTRON Consortium: Advancing Sustainable Printed Electronics Technologies


After a year of dedicated effort in pioneering #printedelectronics technologies, the ECOTRON consortium recently convened in Oulu, Finland, to review progress and strategize future endeavors.

Substantial breakthroughs have been achieved in the development of cutting-edge technologies aimed at bolstering the #sustainability of #PE products. These include revolutionary renewable interconnections, environmentally conscious processing procedures, and methodologies for enhancing recyclability. Additionally, significant strides have been made in the realm of #biobased, #organic, and #compostable inks and substrates, alongside novel printing methods.

Preliminary life cycle assessment (LCA) calculations indicate a substantial reduction in environmental footprint upon integrating these technologies into products, signifying a pivotal step towards environmental stewardship.

Stay tuned to discover how ECOTRON is spearheading the charge to make #printedelectronics more sustainable, circular, and recyclable.

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