ECOTRON: Pioneering Sustainable Printed Electronics


Embark on a journey toward sustainability with ECOTRON, where our mission revolves around making printed electronics eco-friendly and reducing their environmental footprint.

At the heart of ECOTRON lies a commitment to sustainability, driving us to develop a range of innovative techniques. From groundbreaking Displacement Technologies like reversible interconnects and silver recollection, to Bio-based and Compostable Materials including inks, varnishes, and substrates, and cutting-edge Innovative Printing Methods such as reverse offset printing and the transfer foil method, we’re revolutionizing the landscape of printed electronics.

These technologies are not just theoretical; they’re being put into action across four impactful use cases:
1. BD’s on-body medical device
2. POLAR’s sport’s chest strap
3. Signify’s LED light panels
4. Janssen’s smart packaging for vaccines

With a focus on facilitating recycling of printed electronics, minimizing electronic waste, and adopting sustainable materials, ECOTRON is driving us towards a brighter, greener future for our planet.

Stay informed about our progress by following us. Together, let’s pave the way for sustainable electronics and a healthier Earth.