ECOTRON Shines at LOPEC 2024 Conference in Munich


ECOTRON made a remarkable impact at LOPEC 2024, where nearly 3000 attendees gathered for the conference and trade fair in Munich.

After a year and a half of dedicated research and development, we showcased impressive results to the enthusiastic audience.

We extend our gratitude to Lina Kadura from CEA-Liten for their participation in the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) meeting, and to Corne Rentrop from Holst Centre / TNO, Alberto Bottari from Politecnico di Milano, and Davide Gentile for representing ECOTRON during their insightful presentations at the conference.

In addition, our involvement in a competition featuring a medical device demonstrator with ECOTRON technologies wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Lina Kadura from CEA-Liten and Olivier ALBENGE from BD.

We also proudly presented our poster titled “Circular economy and green electronics,” thanks to Inmaculada Lorente Gómez from ITENE.

Special thanks to CircelPaper and HyPELignum for inviting us to join a poster exhibition showcasing various EU research projects on “Functional Electronics for a Green, Sustainable, Circular and Digital Economy.”

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