How Could Society Look in 2030?


Imagine a future where mobility, food, consumption, urban planning, and agriculture have transformed for the better! Our latest infographic, sourced from Iberdrola, predicts how our world could look by 2030 if we take decisive action now.

From electric shared cars to urban vegetable gardens, discover the sustainable innovations that could shape our lives.

Key Highlights:

  • Mobility: The rise of electric shared cars reducing emissions and traffic congestion.
  • Food: Urban vegetable gardens providing fresh, local produce.
  • Consumption: A shift towards sustainable consumption patterns.
  • Urban Planning: Cities designed with green spaces and sustainable infrastructure.
  • Agriculture: Innovative farming techniques promoting eco-friendly practices.

Explore the potential of a more sustainable future by checking out our detailed infographic: How Society Could Look in 2030.

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Stay informed and join the conversation on sustainability and urban planning!

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