Introducing Our ECOTRON Partner: VTT


We are excited to introduce one of our esteemed partners in the ECOTRON project: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. As a visionary in research, development, and innovation, VTT is dedicated to promoting the utilization and commercialization of advanced technologies, making significant contributions to business and society. Their role is pivotal in shaping the future of sustainable electronics.

VTT’s Role in the ECOTRON Project


  • Developing and integrating advanced technologies for sustainable electronics.
  • Leading initiatives to improve sustainability from production to disposal.
  • Ensuring the eco-friendliness and efficiency of electronic components and products.

Technologies Used

  • High-resolution reverse offset printing for miniaturized circuit processing.
  • Metal foil transfer method for sustainable conductor processing.
  • Roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing using new bio-based materials for energy-efficient production.

Development Milestones and Achievements

  • Advanced manufacturing of flexible electronic circuits using the transfer foil method.
  • Successful roll-to-roll printing of conductive patterns on bio-based substrates.

About VTT and Sustainable Electronics

Electronic waste is a pressing global issue, and VTT is dedicated to setting new sustainability standards in the electronics industry. Their comprehensive expertise covers:

  • Product and component ecodesign: Creating designs that minimize environmental impact.
  • Sustainable materials: Utilizing eco-friendly and renewable resources.
  • Sustainable usage and disposal: Ensuring products are used and disposed of responsibly.
  • Energy- and resource-efficient processes: Implementing methods that reduce energy and resource consumption.

By collaborating with VTT, we aim to revolutionize the electronics industry, enhancing circularity and sustainability at every stage of the electronics lifecycle.

Join us in welcoming VTT as a valuable partner in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable future through the power of electronics innovation!

Stay Tuned!