Meet our partner: ITENE


ITENE offers ready-to-market solutions tailored to meet the needs of companies across the value chain. Specializing in four main areas:

  • Materials & Technologies for the Circular Economy
  • Packaging Safety, Design & Functionality
  • Safety & Environmental Monitoring Technologies
  • Transport, Mobility & Digital Transformation

With 30 years of experience, ITENE provides expert knowledge through R&D, technical assistance, testing services, and training. Their headquarters in Valencia spans 11,750 m², housing state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot plants.

Sustainable Electronics: Minimizing Electronic Waste

Electronic devices have significant environmental impacts. ITENE develops biodegradable systems and eco-friendly materials to mitigate this waste:

  • Eco-Design & Bio-Based Materials
  • Compostable Materials with Advanced Properties
  • Bio-Based Inks for Various Printing Systems

Their sustainable conductive inks for printed electronics offer a lower environmental impact, ease of manufacture, speed, cost reduction, and versatility.

Role in the ECOTRON Project


ITENE leads environmental assessments using life cycle analysis tools. They are also developing bio-based inks and sustainable recycling pathways.

Technologies Used

They employ a one pot recycling process for recovering silver ink + dielectric and valorizing PET support. Conductive bio-based inks that are separable from substrates for enhanced recyclability, and compostable conductive inks for temperature control in packaging solutions, are also part of their technological repertoire.

Achievements & Milestones

Key Milestones

ITENE has successfully tested the one pot recycling process at laboratory scale, separating ink + dielectric and BHET monomer for recycled PET. They plan to upscale the process to a pilot-size plant, equivalent to an industrial recycling plant setup.

ITENE continues to drive innovation and sustainability in the electronics industry with the ECOTRON project, aiming to create a more sustainable future through advanced technology and eco-friendly solutions.