Partner Spotlight: Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)


We are excited to announce Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) as a crucial partner in our ECOTRON project!


POLIMI is one of the most outstanding universities in Europe. Founded in 1863, it has a rich history of focusing on quality and innovation in teaching and research.

Role in the ECOTRON Project:

  • Sustainable Substrates and Inks: POLIMI manages all aspects related to creating more circular and sustainable substrates and inks using the principles of green and sustainable chemistry.
  • Circular Business Models (CBMs): Identifying CBMs related to flexible electronics, substrates, and metal inks.
  • Innovative Substrates: Developing substrates through the control of the macrostructure of end-of-life polyesters and the use of natural polymers like proteins. Recycled PET is regraded using molecules from natural sources, while compostable substrates are created through dynamic covalent polymeric networks, allowing for the recovery of starting materials.
  • Innovative Inks: Producing inks through a patented technology that controls the solubility parameter and the dispersion of sp2 carbon allotropes.
  • Increasing Circularity: Aiming to increase circularity in flexible electronics using end-of-life polymers regraded through bio-based solutions and inks characterized by silver-free fillers. Identifying CBMs and supporting partners in implementing specific strategies.

Join us in welcoming Politecnico di Milano as a valuable partner in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable future through electronics innovation!