Launch of ECOTRON!


ECOTRON has officially started!

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are a staple these days, you can find them everywhere, from automotive components to everyday objects such as smart watches and medical devices. Despite all their advantages, PCBs are unfortunately not environmentally friendly. This is where ECOTRON steps in: new printed electronics (PE) technologies will be developed to replace the state-of-the-art PCBs. In addition, novel biobased / compostable materials for PE will be developed as well as PE designs that can be recycled to improve to overall circularity of the production process.

Renowned research centres, a university, SMEs and industry have joined forces to demonstrate the developed technologies in four high-impact use-cases: an on-body drug delivery device, athletes’ sport tracker, LED light foil and smart packaging for vaccines.

Stay tuned for more news and first results!