Transforming Electronics: Embracing Sustainability Through Circular Design


In a thought-provoking article for TechBlick, our project coordinator Corne Rentrop emphasizes the crucial role of sustainability in technology development, particularly within the electronics domain. Discover how we’re revolutionizing the industry by replacing traditional PCBs with circular, recyclable, and compostable printed and hybrid electronics.

Read the article here. to gain insights into the roadmap for sustainable electronics. While PCBs are instrumental in electronic functions, integrated electronic products pose challenges in recycling, often ending up in landfills or incineration. With approximately 1.2 million tons of PCBs contributing to annual e-waste, only a fraction undergoes proper recycling, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions.

Authors Stephan Harkema and Corne Rentrop from Holst Centre delve into the roadmap, addressing repairability, energy efficiency, material consumption reduction through additive manufacturing, circular material use, and the integration of biodegradable materials.

Discover the principles of Design-for-Recycling (DfR) and explore real-world examples from Holst Centre, including flexible lighting devices and in-mold electronics. Join us in reshaping the electronics landscape towards sustainability.

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