Partner Spotlight: CEA


We are delighted to spotlight one of our key partners in the ECOTRON project: CEA. Known for their pioneering work in sustainable electronics, CEA leads a crucial work package dedicated to developing new technologies that promote a circular approach for printed electronics. They are also at the helm of Use Case 1 in WP4, working in collaboration with BD on creating low environmental impact flexible PCBs for an on-body subcutaneous drug delivery system.

Innovations by CEA

Gecko Tape Technology

Inspired by the adhesive abilities of the Gecko lizard, this dry adhesion method is used for dismantling various electronic device components. This technology facilitates the easy separation and recycling of electronic parts, significantly enhancing the sustainability of electronic products.

Flexible PCB Development

CEA is transforming traditional rigid PCBs by developing their flexible counterparts. This shift to printed electronics versions of standard rigid PCBs represents a major advancement in reducing the environmental impact of electronic components.

Achievements in the ECOTRON Project

The All-Printed GEN1 Demonstrator

CEA successfully validated the all-printed GEN1 demonstrator of Use Case 1, utilizing state-of-the-art materials. This proof of concept demonstrates that rigid PCBs can be replaced with flexible printed electronics technologies, which offer a significantly lower environmental impact. This achievement paves the way for the potential replacement of even more complex rigid PCBs, which include a higher number of metal layers, with sustainable printed electronics technology.

Our Partnership with CEA

We are proud to collaborate with CEA and deeply value their contributions to the ECOTRON project. Their expertise and innovative solutions are integral to our mission of advancing sustainable electronics. We look forward to their continued contributions and to the exciting developments that lie ahead.

Join us in celebrating the work of CEA as we strive together to create a more sustainable future through cutting-edge electronics innovation!

Stay Tuned!